Dancehall has been under the microscope over the last couple weeks for overly sexually suggestive lyrics and music videos.

Shock value deejay Alkaline released a new single titled “F**k You (2016),” off the new Igloo Riddim, produced by So Unique Records.

MUST WATCH: This Female Fan Gets Freaky With Alkaline On Stage [VIDEO]

In the single, Alkaline made suggestions about getting his rear wash by his girlfriend.

“Co**y su*k and batty wash is just a brawta,” Alkaline deejay.

That single line has ignited a heated debate on social media with some dancehall fans bashing the deejay and suggesting that he is mashing up dancehall.

Listen the track below and leave your comments.

  • tootiefruity

    No he doesn’t he is saying that the girl is sucking on his penis and her mouth is watery and juicy till the juice from her mouth is like Niagara falls and the water washes his rear

  • Real Youth

    Don’t really have no problem with what Alkaline or no artist for that matter want to partake in or say but one has to remember that this is dancehall and somethings( freaky batty wash arguments) have no place there. so feel free to do it elsewhere and stop fu– up di dancehall.

  • seti

    Nothing in dancehall is a shock value. The culture is extreme so Alkaline is just expressing what happens daily.

  • pkybz

    did guy is not even in google…freak!

    • lord

      u searched the shopping part -_- …

  • Rasco

    Free Addi and make dencechall come back alive

  • Judi McCann

    I like some dancehall, great beat but the lyrics have gone way too far. Too much dirty talk….less respect for da women.

  • badd brown

    alkaslime a real toilet enuh if a man wah gal put toungue inna him batti him wi put anyting in deh.bun alkaslime an bun 2016 LAAAVGRUNG

  • Hotskullyuhzimme

    he said “hood suck batty wash what a brawta!” DWFL DWAYNO WAS RIGHT!!

  • Blingas fck what ppl think

    Dwl its no different frm the rest. That nuh mean the yute would a mek a man sex him rear but jamaican take things too personal nuf polition a do it and a sex them same gender a that uno fi tlk bout the yute jus say things fi get more attention

    • badd brown

      u an alkaslime inna di same boat enuh nuh real straight ni–a nuh need dem attention deh. a tell unnu a tell ja seh unnu wudda tek a ply backway.bun alkaline bun 2016 an bun blingas tr8

  • Winnie

    ok i want to say first. that dancehall has always been slack…but right now its outright disgusting. push my …innna you…. a little to scriptive. Just saying. As for his battywash comment. The reality is that dispite many who claim not to do ALOT of happens. Not because they are jamaician does it mean they are excluded. mean give women head and vice versa despite any lyrics saying that “those” ppl don’t exist or that they are to be rebuked for their behaviour. Sounds like he is simply talking about what he does….not that anyone needed to know. and whehter you agree or’s not about you. ppl will do what they want…and at the end of the day if it is to be judged, it won’t or shouldnt be by the ppl. Especially since ALOT of them are doing the same or enjoying other sexual activities that they HOPE no one finds out about.
    Dancehall needs a rehall…..they can go back to implying what they are saying instead of outright saying it…it’s just not necessary.

  • John strokes

    Dancehall artist are like drug user some get a good enough high from ganja but if you want to out do the next guy you have to graduate to crack heroin LSD and all these all started with Baby Cham which gal have the boom suck… now if you wanna get noticed you gotta turn it up past Kartel level ie Akaline and his recent Batty wash request….so you know whats coming next ..dancehall’s version of Maclemmore watch the ride

    • terrence

      Lol @ “dancehall’s version of maclemore”.. true words bredda…the other day I heard a dancehall song where the artiste wah woman fi whine ina him face

    • werlboss_Q

      Lol…..”macklemore version”…peer jokes

  • lee

    good beat but bullsh– lyrics

  • siete

    whats “brawta”?

    • dor dor

      it means extra

    • Josette Westbrooks

      its like a bonus ; like if someone sells you a phone and throws in a free phone case. ” ‘im gi yuh di phone case as brawta”

      • FireBun

        damn knowing what that means now jus makes this line sound even gayer lol akaline nasty self

  • NYC one

    The Baddest young DJ right know is Bramma .

  • Hothead

    Big up alkaline, youngest and di baddest ! Big up standpipe & sandy park

    • Lucky

      you must not know you contributing to the change of dancehall and not know the true feelings of dancehall. hmmmm . . you must be a batty buay too.

    • madd unit

      u a battyman enuh stanpipe wa ketch u an alkaline fi gut unnu

  • site

    Suck u madda alkaline u batty bwoy

  • TheRealSage

    And so what is different from this and the rest of the crap that dancehall has become? Never seen any art form deteriorate in the way dancehall has over the last decade. No one takes these artists serious around the world, and lately, no one even buys their music.

  • j mill

    Him over do with this one

  • Belize

    Alkaline battery > this rasshole waste of a good beat

  • Dancehall fan

    Dem young youths in dancehall too freaky. nuff a dem a closet batty man dem need fi just come out and done. SMH