Shelly Ann Fraser weave

Jamaican women will now have pay more for weaves.

Weaves has become a staple for Jamaican women particular in dancehall culture.

According to a recent report by the Observer, weaves import set to reach JM$1 billion this year.

Lady Saw weave

But now the government want a bigger piece of the pie. In addition to the already heavy tax on weave imports, the government Customs Department has imposed a new 5% duty on human hair.

Officially, wigs attract 20 per cent duty, GCT of 21.5 per cent, environmental levy of 0.5 per cent, standard compliance fee of 0.3 per cent, processing fee of US$10,000 for imports under container loads and an examination fee of $2,500.

Do you think the Jamaican government should increase taxes on weaves?

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  • Jamaican

    Tax dem yes

    • krissyd13

      woman nah stop buy hair is like cigarette – tax mi, mi still ah buy

  • junkanooteddy

    Like the chick told me…”Wa ya mean dis ain’t my hair??…I hav mi receipt right here to prove it!!..of course its mine!!” Oh Lord , don kill me…