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The Top 5 Biggest Flops At Sting 2013

5. D’Angel

Beenie Man and DAngel Sting 2013

D’Angel is one of my favourite female dancehall artists but unfortunately I wish she never went on stage at Sting.

Firstly, she was not billed to performed on the show. Secondly, her appearance on the stage was a bit degrading for herself as an aspiring female dancehall star who has a young son. Performing with Beenie Man we can live with, but Ninja Man not so much.

The wardrobe malfunction photo also brought her a lot of attention which she is trying too hard to hold onto. Unfortunately we can’t show you the raw photo on Urbanislandz.com but D’Angel should let that play out in the media and then come with something new.

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  • Dancehall fan

    The only thing bad bout Kiprich is him outfit

    • Jah Tbla

      Wah gwaan wit Kippo? He looked lyk a Gorilla

  • Jah Tbla

    Shame on these losers