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Tessanne Chin’s Biggest Moments On The Voice 2013

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Tessanne Chin performing with Celine Dion on The Voice

Tessanne Chin is a huge fan of music icon Celine Dion. The two first met when Celine Dion performed in Jamaica at the Jazz & Blues Festival.

Celine Dion Tami Chynn Tessanne Chin

On Tuesday night Tessanne’s dream came through when she performed “Love Can Move Mountains” with Celine Dion live on The Voice.

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  • Yardie

    I love her reaction when Carson said Tessanne Chin is the winner of The Voice 2013. Priceless.

    • Divagurl1

      True she was in total shock but her husband’s reaction too was fantastic! is a wonda him neva lose him voice how scream when wife win