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Christopher Martin – Love Stick Lyrics


Oh girl if you feeling love sick
Come take a ride on my love stick
Pleasure have never felt better, better

Oh girl if you feeling love sick
Come take a ride on my love stick
Jump on and meck mi gi yo love
Take you so high you don’t wanna come down

(Verse 1)
Am giving you the realest
Adrenalin rush, yo cyaa control that
Just wait until you feel this
If your heart broken I’ll make it whole again
I wanna make you feel complete
No need no night cool girl fi meck you fall asleep
This medicine will make you feel so sweet
Jump on I got the remedy fi all your needs

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Shi ask mi weh mi come from
And if no more like mi deh, deh, mi seh no a me one
Are best friend sick oh long
But shi rather meck shi dead before shi shear the medication
Lord, shi seh shi never felt so good
And it’s a sin the position that I have her in
Seh shi never mean to are friend yet
But shi naw shear none a this yah magic

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
It’s something like a magical broom yea
Like Aladdin carpet
As yo si mi yo get in a the mood girl
And mi seh nothing no start yet
Just tell me what your symptoms are
I’ll prescribe something to yo resamol
From your baby
Girl a no nothing yo deserve mi heart

(Repeat Chorus)

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