Anthony B Ft. Real McKoy – Jeans & Bally Lyrics

Real yard man no dress like nobody
Straight jeans and bally
Jeans and bally
A so wi roll a Jungle and Tivolly
Jeans and bally
Jeans and bally

Seh real yard man no dress like nobody
Straight jeans and bally
Jeans and bally
And no England alone
A from New York to Cally
Jeans and bally
Jeans and bally

(Verse 1)
A straight Jeans and bally paw feet
So clean how wi a chad hi paw street
No need no eye beam everybody cyaa seet
The style weh wi love a the style weh wi beat

Seh this a bally, seh this yah a no nike air
Seh everybody out deh want a pear
Seh mi no matter what a next man a wear
badman expensive and dear

So mi walk out in a bally and put down mi Clarks
Mi no like chatty mouth so the tongue cut off
Arcade down town everyone sell off
From a bally wi no matter the cost

From yo know mi a bally only
From every dawg, to every hot gyal weh surround wi
Seh man a big man weh spend them own money
And real badman no dress foney

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Seh man a no woman unuh fi know how fi dress
Cyaa come a dance in a yo Sunday ves
Bally mi a wear no need no contest
Cyaa put hi against yo stinking creap
Everyday mi wake a different color pear mi put on
Mi no matter bout yo Gucci or yo Luise Vuitton
You no need no glass fi si or no clear vision
Man a real badman from mi born

Bally hot again in a fashion and style
And it a sell in a bundle and pile
Bring a coil, time fi spend till hi spoil
New design fi mi woman and child

(Repeat Chorus)

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