And mi seh unu cyaa trick mi
Ghetto youths fi rich to
Because wi waan the best fi wi kids to

Mi seh yo cyaa trick mi
Ghetto youths waan own things
A no unu one waan si the mills

Mi waan my own, mi waan my own
Mi waan my own, mi waan my own
Mi seh mi waan my own, mi waan my own
My waan my own

(Verse 1)
Due to how mi a somebody pickney and have dreams to
Mi have goals weh mi waan fi reach to
But circumstances males me the man I am
Mi naw beg like the blind eye man
So anywhere the food deh mi haffi go fa
So wa yo no feel mi waan mi bread butter
Mi butter fi bubble caw mummy cyaa suffer
And money deh a road a it mi waan nuffer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi waan food fi mi mouth
Food fi mi table to
And money fi a run like weh inna stable to
And work fi yo flow like a the cable to
Mi life fi sweet like sirup weh maple do
Oh lord guide and protect fi mi step
When mi step fi mi food
Yes mi know lord money haffi meck
So mi know when mi step a that bad

(Repeat Chorus)

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