Days after Mr. Vegas drop a new hard hitting diss track for Bounty Killer, Anthony B takes aimed at the Warlord too.

A rep for the veteran singer sent Urbanislandz.com this new track titled “Party & Broke.”

LISTEN: Mr. Vegas Diss Bounty Killer In “Bury Him Fuss”

“We naan party and broke, no we naan party and broke, at 40 we naan go look work,” Anthony B deejay over a reggae beat.

In the single, Anthony B called out Bounty Killer by name.

“A no me a talk a the whole country, the whole country a talk bout Bounty and the red head one weh move jumpy,” Anthony B deejay.

Anthony B also took a jab at Capleton and Beenie Man.

Take a listen below and weigh in.

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  1. gaygas go s–k your mudda caah di warlord nuh chat fro no batty bwoy,killer him the dancehall general

  2. Anthony B was nice back then this song sound like ah come back fi get ah hype cause bounty and beenie nuh bruk.

  3. Kirklan Faternity Grey

    a man is worth nearly 4 million us dollars and bruck?? anthony b do better than that check ur facts and get some finances before going on record

  4. he is talking the truth its not a diss track pple stop being negative and listen to the message

  5. Antony b fi guh hold a hair cut tis song nuh ready yet .. Iyara a guh kill dem week dj yah

  6. vegas and anthony b sign a death wish for 2013….

  7. Look like everybody hot fi the Warlord. dem mus no know a who name Bounty