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G Whizz – Jah Put A Shield Lyrics

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Jah put a shield over me
So the pagans dem can never get a hold a me
Get a hold a me, no oh

A Jah, Jah, powers him a cover me
Nuff a dem a try program
But cyaa take control a me
Control a me, no oh

(Verse 1)
And when mi chad it in the street like a soldier
A Jah alone a be mi commander
They though I walk through the valley of death
None a dem cyaa meck mi falter
Cause Jah mi never do dem nothing
Still dem hate me
A nuff a dem trying fi break mi
Dem no like fi see a likkle ghetto youth rise
Do anything dem cyaa just fi take mi
But wid all the traps dem try fi set
Turn round back fire pon dem
All the evil thoughts weh dem a meck
It same one turn round throke dem
Cause mi truly bless
Mi no newly bless
Jah bless me from way back when
Now dem a wonder how mi keep on striving
Never will comprehend

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yes and so mi tell the wicked man
Take yo eye off a mi caw mi in a Jah, Jah, pan
Tell the wicked man
If yo try off a mi naw sing no vagry song
Cause wi protected
Wid the most high one weh wi kept wid
Yea dem fi know seh wi protected
Well protected, meck mi tell yo

Cause it’s a prayer a day, prayer a day
We use fi chase the evil ones away
Prayer a day, prayer a day
Meck mi tell yo
Cause it’s a prayer a day, prayer a day
We use fi chase the pagans a way
Prayer a day

(Repeat Chorus)

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