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QQ Ft Jermaine Michael – Shalama Wine [New Music]


Dancehall star QQ drop a new single featuring Jermaine Michael “Shalama Wine.”

Yow gyal wa meck yo bad so
Ghetto gyal wa meck yo bad so
Mi just love off the gyal dem whe gallang so
Weh a wine like yo body inna tempo

Bend yo back, gimmi the wine mi a Shalama
Tip pon yo toe meck mi gi yo weh yo come yah fa
Love how yo bumpa c**k up like a Tundra
So tell yo friend must terminate pon the Shalama

Hey gyal, when yo bend yo back
All a mi gyal dem chat when yo put it paw mi
Wine and put it paw mi

Listen full track below.

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