Dangel and G WHiz Dating

Rumor has it that D’Angel and dancehall star G Whizz are now dating.

Urban Islandz ever so reliable sources tip us off on whats going down with Whizz and Beenie Man ex-wife.

“G Whizz and Angel a smash from last year but the whole thing a keep under hush hush,” the source told us requesting anonymity. “Word reach the Doc ears long time but dem divorce so a no nutten.”

D’Angel didn’t do much to diffuse the rumors. During a recent interview with On Stage E-News, she said, “think whatever you want to think who cares.”

D’Angel and G Whizz recently shoot the video for their collaborative single “Can’t Love You Like Me,” and they got pretty close behind the cameras.

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DAngel and G Whizz

G Whizz and D Angel

G Whizz and D Angel 1

  • Dating with girls

    Welcome to dating with girl!

  • Jay-jay Innocently-rude Johnson

    lolz u people always manage to get the spicy stuff out deh keep it up lolz.

  • Taffari Haminton

    mad maddd

  • Marva Campbell

    So a man thinketh so is he.Everybody she sing with people thing they are together.Leave the lady and let she live her life. KMT

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    LOL this is why mi love

  • Ryan Madcowsound Thompson

    Rawtid, Beenie man must vex right ya now.