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Lady Saw – When Mi See A Gyal Lyrics

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Yo ready
Sunshine some gyal no know how fi figure this out
Dem no know di meaning a abbreviation
SO wi a go style dem out yo zimi


Lol when mi si a gyal
Dwl when mi si a gyal
Ttyn when mi si a gyal
Kim dem no important

Lol when mi si a gyal
Dwl when mi si a gyal
Ttyn when mi si a gyal
TTMB dem no important

{Verse 1}

True am OMY an their not
Man do dem up once an no call dem back
Dem a carry BB like dem full up a gas
But WT mi naw bother seh that
TMI all over di place
When yo read dem file a so so mistake
RUAD cyan spell weight
When mi si a gyal mi shout out disgrace

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Kmt mi haffi kiss my teeth
Caw me waan know a who dem waan beat
ROL a mussi when mi a sleep
Fb bad gyal dem better learn how fi tweet
Log on paw mi page mi seh brb
SMH caw dem no bad like me
LMFO couldn’t me dem a pree
When wi buck face to face it’s like OMG

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Gyal waan fi have mi out but dem cyan read text
Computer pop down no have no internet
Dem no have no BB bout dem waan GPS
OK tell yo friend dem Google me witch
Abbreviation no know wa it mean
By di EOD mi wi fill dem in
BTW there is only one queen
And a mi a run di dancehall scene

{Repeat Chorus}

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