Lady Saw would not be the first hardcore dancehall artist to quit the genre for gospel if she should follow through with her plans. But why it is more of a shock to her fans is because Saw took dancehall raunchiness to a whole new level, where she even influenced female artists in hip hop.

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Lady Saw, who has been going through some relationship issues of late, dropped a few hints on Twitter last week that she may throw in the towel soon in favor for a more solemn genre, gospel.

This is what Lady Saw said on her Twitter feed:

“Been thinking of getting baptized from about six months now, but then some people draw me out and I end up cussing them out. Well not anymore.”

“I have some shows to do that I already got paid for so after that am out. Sometimes I am talking to God and I just find myself humming and coming up with melodies, so I am struggling with both sides because nobody is perfect. I have been talking to a lot of Christians, and I have been contemplating baptism, but I did that when I was younger because of my father, so maybe since this time it will be a renewal baptism.”

Clearly Lady Saw has been going through some spiritual transformation which is always a good thing.

Do you think Lady Saw would leave a void in dancehall if she should follow through on her plans?

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