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Lil Baby Not Involved In Video Set Shooting That Left Three Injured

Three persons injured in shooting on Lil Baby music video set in Atlanta

Lil Baby
Lil Baby

A Lil Baby music video set was disrupted in Atlanta on Tuesday (May 14) as gunfire erupted, leaving members of the film crew running for cover.

Atlanta Police Department has since confirmed that three people were injured in the shooting incident, but the rapper is safe. Police say none of the three victims, one of whom transported himself to the hospital, had life-threatening injuries. TMZ shared clips from the incident showing Lil Baby and his crew arriving at the video set location on Verbena St NW, in NW Atlanta.

One video shows the 4PF rapper walking with members of his team moments after arriving on the video set. The clip shows several high-end vehicles arriving at the location, including a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, two Tesla Cybertrucks, and several black Cadillac Escalades.

Another video, which was being filmed by a man nearby, shows people scampering after gunshots rang out. The person filming apparently dropped their phone as they took cover, but you can hear gunshots in the background.

A spokesperson for Lil Baby told reporters that neither the My Turn rapper nor any member of his crew was involved in the shooting. Police say the shooting was targeted but didn’t say who was the target.

One of the clips circulating online was shared by Chasity Roman of Slapping Tacos ATL, a local businesswoman. “I was on my way to deliver a burrito, and they just came, boom, boom, boom! I thought, ‘Are you serious?’ It was crazy,” Roman said. “I fell in between the bullets. It was nothing but bullets, pow, pow, pow! It was terrible.”

A Lil Baby concert was cut short in September last year when gunshots rang out in the venue at the FedEx Forum in Memphis. Young Dolph’s cousin, CEO Jizzle, was discovered to be the shooting victim in the aftermath. He survived the attack, although he was seriously injured.