Young Thug’s Girlfriend Mariah The Scientist Arrested Over Club Brawl

Mariah The Scientist
Mariah The Scientist

Atlanta rapper Mariah The Scientist was arrested and booked in an Atlanta jail on Wednesday night stemming from a club brawl that took place in March.

According to TMZ, the “Muggy McGuire” artist was arrested by Fulton County police for reportedly beating up a woman, Cleopatra Dues. This comes months after Dues, who is a baby mother of Mariah’s current boyfriend, incarcerated rapper Young Thug.

A video showed part of the fight, where Mariah and the woman were throwing hands at a popular lounge in Atlanta. Dues, who is one of four baby mothers of Young Thug, was kicked by Mariah during the melee.

It seems now that another one of the rapper’s four baby mothers has an issue with Mariah. A video of Mariah tussling with another woman went viral on Thursday morning. Mariah was seen on the ground rolling and kicking at the other woman while people tried to help her up.

It wasn’t clear which of the baby mothers it was, but some initial reports claimed it was rapper Cleotrapa. But it turns out Cleo and Dues only share similar names, and the rapper was not involved in the fight and has no relation to Young Thug.

Dues reported the fight at the Zone 2 precinct on March 29. She alleged that she was attacked by the Not a Love Song” artist at Cavo Kitchen and Cocktail Lounge. Dues claims that during the fight, Mariah ripped her wig off her scalp and dragged her on the table and floor during the March 28 fight, causing injuries to her legs and feet.

Mariah The Scientist was charged with simple battery after she was identified by Dues in an ID lineup. The rapper later bonded out after being charged.