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NBA YoungBoy Allegedly Impersonate Doctor In Prescription Fraud Scheme

NBA YoungBoy hit with 63 charges

NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy / Never Broke Again LLC

NBA YoungBoy reportedly impersonated a doctor, and it was so bad that it got him caught. The Baton Rouge rapper was arrested by federal agents on Wednesday (April 17) and was hit with 63 charges, including charges related to a prescription drug fraud scheme.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is facing years in prison if convicted in an ongoing federal investigation amid reports the feds are building a Rico case against him. The rapper was taken into custody this week, sending shock waves throughout the hip-hop community.

As more details about the case emerge, legal documents show that the “Make No Sense” rapper is facing 63 charges, including 20 counts of forgery, 20 counts of identity fraud, and another 20 counts for obtaining a prescription under false pretenses. There are also charges for possession of a controlled substance, possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, and engaging in a pattern of unlawful activity.

NBA YoungBoy, real name Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, was arrested at his home in Utah, where he has been housed on house arrest at an area he called Grave Digger Mountain.

According to authorities, the rapper and his crew would impersonate doctors by calling in prescriptions using real doctors’ names, but the impersonations were so bad it ultimately got him caught. An affidavit from Cache County reveals a caller claiming to be “Gwendolyn Cox” raised suspicions, and law enforcement was tipped off.

The affidavit details how Gwendolyn sounded like a younger male with a southern accent. The affidavit reads, “Gwendolyn made a statement ‘well I axed her to and she said that she’ll have you call me.’ This statement was a response to a request that was made to have “Gwendolyn” contact Dispatch and have them transfer her call back through. … (I have) lived in the Southern United States, the terminology in replacing the word “ask” with “axe” or other variations, is consistent with a Southern dialect in states such as Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and other southern states.”

Law enforcement officials arrested multiple people linked to NBA YoungBoy and the fraudulent scheme when police pulled over a vehicle registered to the rapper that was used to pick up prescription meds and conducted a search. Police found evidence of prescription meds and a weapon in the vehicle.

After getting the rapper to inadvertently share information via a conference call, police obtained a search warrant for his home in Utah, where more prescription drugs and weapons were found. YoungBoy also refused to give up his passcodes for his electronic devices.