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Rick Ross Accused Of Lying About ‘Correctional Officer’ Past

Rick Ross past claims about stint as a correctional officer questioned by leaked documents by 1090 Jake

Rick Ross
Rick Ross

Rick Ross is being accused of lying about how long he served as a correctional officer. The Biggest Bawse is currently locked in a beef with Drake after claiming he unfollowed the Toronto rapper because of a cease and desist letter sent to French Montana.

Internet detective 1090 Jake, known for exposing rappers who cooperate with police, has now turned his attention to Rick Ross. He has threatened to expose more of Ross’ past as a correctional officer. On Tuesday , 1090 Jake took to his Instagram account to share what he claims to be official paperwork. According to Jake, this documentation proves that the Maybach Music Group rapper was employed by the Department of Corrections in Florida for a significantly longer period than he has previously admitted.

One of the documents shared by Jake shows the rapper’s real name, William Roberts, signing said document dated December 29, 1995. The second document shows Roberts turning in his notice on June 2, 1997. There is an alleged third document of the Department of Corrections commemorating the rapper as “a perfect attendance employee” with a Certificate of Appreciation.

In responding to 1090 Jake, Rick Ross shared an alleged paperwork calling the internet personality a rat over claims of alleged snitching. Surprisingly, Drake also started following Jake on Instagram, seemingly cosigning his statement against Rozay.

Rick Ross previously speak on his past stint as a correctional officer, something he has had to deal with throughout his career as a rapper. “Maybe when I was 20,” Rozay said in an interview on the Full Send Podcast in 2022. “I didn’t really get to make it to the prison ’cause you gotta go through training and all that, and I didn’t last long. I may have lasted four months and they said I was a lil’ tardy.”

Rozay also shed some light on why he didn’t lasted long as a C.O., saying that the pay wasn’t much and he felt like he could’ve been making more money hustling. He also shared that he wanted to avoid the amount of exercise required for the job.

Rick Ross had to address his past as a C.O. as he grew in popularity in the late 2010s as a gangster rapper. Some folks in the hip-hop community tried to discredit some of the claims he made in his raps, but Rozay says he has never tried to hide his past as a correctional officer.