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Drake Hires Marching Band To Troll Metro Boomin Outside Magic City

Drake continues his trolling of Metro Boomin

Drake Metro Boomin
Drake, Metro Boomin

Canadian rapper Drake has all the smoke for Atlanta super-producer Metro Boomin as he continued to troll him with a drum line playing beats outside of Magic City strip club in Atlanta on Monday night.

Drake has deliberately ignored Rick Ross as he continuously rants about the alleged nose job Drake had, and he’s instead targeting Metro Boomin in the way a non-rapper would. On his diss track released over the weekend, Drake told Metro Boomin to “shut up and make some drums.” He took things a bit further as he shared a video of a remix of his still untitled diss track on his Instagram story.

“Metro, Shut yo hoe a** up and make some drums, Metro,” the audio for the Spanish cover said. “Shut up and make them drums, Metro, Metro.”

Drake also revealed himself as the king of pettiness as he shared a video to his Instagram story showing ten drummers making beats in unison outside of Magic City. “From me to you,” he captioned the video and the peace emoji.

In the video, the drummers are standing in front of the Magic City strip club with the sign behind them. One person appears to coordinate the musical interlude while the others enthusiastically play along.

Atlanta is Metro Boomin’s hometown, so many fans online felt that Drake was taking a dig at the producer, given the beef he started with Drake. Metro assembled a bunch of rappers, including Kendrick Lamar, Future, Rick Ross, Travis Scott, and A$AP Rocky, to diss Drake on his two albums, We Don’t Trust You and We Still Don’t Trust You.

Drake’s diss track, released over the weekend, has responded to many rappers, especially Kdot, Metro Boomin, Rick Ross, and Future.

Kendrick has yet to reply to the rapper, although a track said to be AI has been circulating online with a diss for Drake. Many, however, felt that the song was real but was soft and nowhere near the quality of a diss track to counter a giant like Drake.

As for Rick Ross, his “BBL Drizzy” track alleging the rapper had a nose job and calling him a ‘white boy’ is now streaming on Apple.

Drake’s only response to Rozay so far is that he is racist and needs money, as shared in a text message exchange between him and his mother, Sandy. Despite Rick Ross going online and unsuccessfully attempting to bait a response from Drake, the Certified Lover Boy rapper has continued to ignore him.