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Joe Budden Says Diddy Drama Is About To Get “Much Worse”

Budden: "Not only is this a wrap, but this is about to get much worse"

Joe Budden
Joe Budden

Joe Budden has chimed in on the Diddy home raids, and he thinks it’s a wrap for the hip-hop mogul.

During a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the rapper-turned-hip-hop commentator finally spilled his thoughts on the developments with the Diddy fiasco. Recently, it came to light that there is an ongoing federal investigation for human trafficking, and Diddy’s mansions were reportedly raided by Homeland Security as part of that earlier this week.

While some other hosts of the podcast remained positive that this too shall pass on account of plausible deniability, Budden was not so hopeful. “You don’t have no plausible deniability with Homeland at your house. It’s over for that best case scenario sh*t you be talking bout. There’s no plausible deniability,” he said.

“This is a wrap,” Budden said as-a-matter-of-factly. “Not only is this a wrap, but this is about to get much worse. This is about to get bad, bad, bad, bad… Even the silence is eerie.”

He continued, “There’s a long list of people silent. I’m not just talking about whoever you can attach to people through Instagram pictures. I’m talking about A-list of the A-list. Them last 2 or 3 Puffy parties I been to – A-list of the A-list, all sectors, crossing, mingling, [intersecting] so the silence of it is just riveting.”

Budden went on to explain that watching the mansions get raided made him feel relieved that there is no evidence of his attendance at the parties but also made him question what others who can’t say the same must feel like. “My first thought was ‘man, good time on some of them properties.’ That was my first thought ’cause boy was it some great parties,” he said.

“My second thought was I had some good times on those premises and got the f*** out of there and went on about my business,” Budden explains. “There’s no footage of me out there, there’s no pictures. So, wow, what a relief if you’ve been to some of these functions and just know that to be true. But if you’re on the other side of that and you see all of them people raiding all three homes? Yeah, I would be pretty nervous. My heart would drop to the f*cking floor if that were the case.”

He goes on to say that he thinks most of the other attendees, namely rappers and most people in the industry, don’t advance without putting themselves in “compromising situations” and can otherwise be implicated in whatever is going on because they “do a lot for a hit.”

Budden posited that “Everything about [Diddy] is intoxicating, euphoric, and seductive,” and believes that has influenced the majority of people. He added, “So me, Mr. Independent know when to leave the f***ing party but do I think that to be true for all of you (rappers, executives, showrunners, network people, higher, higher, higher up people, actors)? Hell no.”

Diddy’s allegations of misconduct that led to the raids stem from a number of suits being drawn against him with claims of sexual and physical assault, sex trafficking, drugging, and more. The first suit was filed in November 2023 by Cassandra Ventura, otherwise known as singer Cassie, who is his ex-girlfriend and was signed to his label Bad Boy Records. Multiple suits have since come out, causing the heat on Diddy to remain present ever since.

What do you think about the raids on Diddy’s homes? Are things slated to get much worse?