Vybz Kartel Defends Fiancée Sidem Ozturk From Fans On Instagram

Vybz Kartel takes aim at some of his fans

Vybz Kartel fiancee Sidem Öztürk

Vybz Kartel scolds his fans who are coming for his fiancée Sidem Ozturk following his recent posts on Instagram. Urban Islandz reported that some fans are suggesting that the incarcerated dancehall legend will get back together with his baby mother, Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, if he gets released from prison, likening their relationship to Bob Marley and Rita.

Earlier this week, Vybz Kartel shared a video of Sidem in her Range Rover listening to his song “Without Money. The dancehall star shared the caption, “It’s easy to sing “without money” when you spending my money.”

Some of his Gazanation fans again chimed in the comments criticizing the deejay and his soon to be wife. “Look who all the generational wealth is going to we love you boss but wow you love dem eee,” one fan quipped. Another wrote, “I love how he’s ignoring all the comments about shorty and only liking the encouraging ones you guys are extremely messy.”

Vybz Kartel Instagram

Vybz Kartel seems to have had enough of the critics leaving comments on his post and address them on Thursday (March 21). “All who in the comment section chatting sh*t, go to my house, take sidem out & put in who YOU want to see in there. Then take her out the range & put who YOU want to see in there. Otherwise STFU,” he wrote.

A lot of his fans were in agreement with his statement, but there were some holdouts who doubled down on their comments.

“So y’all think he’s cr*zy just like that and just throw shorty to the side a must something happened remember it’s his baby mother so him not gonna come here come bash her,” one fan wrote. “She probably violated so me and you don’t know a one decade I saw this man a confess his love for her so if him change shorty mess up somewhere along the way lesson learned. Never give up pan your partner when they get locked up are miss fortune reach them because you may never know and people needs to get use to the man fiancé because a who he wants he has been through enough let the man be people come on.”

In the meantime, Vybz Kartel’s attorney, Isat Buchanan, says he is planning to apply for bail for the dancehall star while waiting on the Jamaica Court of Appeal to rule on his case whether to dismiss the charges or grant a retrial. The dancehall star and his co-defendants, Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones, and Andre St. John, saw their murder conviction squashed in the UK Privy Council last week.