Shenseea Asked Fans Why They Think She ‘Was Done With Dancehall?’

Shenseea's question to her fans stirred a debate about her dancehall career


Shenseea has returned to the dancehall scene and is teasing that she is bringing the song of the summer with “Tap Out,” which is set for release soon. The artist is also stirring controversy as she gauges fans’ reception to her return to the dancehall sphere amid a two-year drought.

March has started with steam as Shenseea teased several snippets of new dancehall songs. The artist was adamant in 2022 that she was off to begin her hip-hop career after giving five years to dancehall. However, fans have not gravitated to her hip hop music, and her fan base has criticized her new music.

Despite being defensive and pushing back at her fan base, Shenseea seems to be listening as she hits up the studio with Rvssian after the two reconciled their relationship earlier this year. In a tweet, Shenseea asked fans why they felt she left dancehall. The tweet has since received 46.5k views with dozens of comments and shares.

“Why did y’all think I was done with Dancehall though?”

In the comments, her fans were frank as they answered her. “Cause nuh you say you wan be pop star? Chups,” one fan said. “The music still ain’t hitting like good comfort mi gyal, go back to the drawing board,” another said.

“Did you not say… lol?” another fan asked. “Shen we love you but don’t gaslight us,” one quoted her tweet. “Because the new music sounds like the label told you to make pop music and step back from dancehall,” another said.

Shenseea’s past statement was that she was setting aside dancehall to focus on her hip-hop career as she aspired to be the next Rihanna from the Caribbean. However, she was clear she wasn’t leaving dancehall. Still, fans have criticized her for not releasing any solid dancehall body of work, including a dancehall album, since she set out on her cross-over career.

“I told myself I’m gonna do dancehall for five years. I have given myself to dancehall; I have given y’all hits upon hits, upon hits… for five years bro… and I am not leaving dancehall because I could never. What you f**kin’ thought. I did not say that,” she clarified in an interview in 2022.

Shenseea has been focused on her dancehall turnout this year with “Hit and Run” featuring Masicka, released in February.

Aside from “Tap Out”, Shenseea has teased another snippet of a track.

Shenseea is signed to Rvssian’s Rich Immigrants Record, an imprint of Interscope Records.