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Cristina Mackey Confirms Rick Ross Breakup After 6 Months Of Dating

Cristina Mackey says she broke up with Rick Ross

Cristina Rick Ross
Cristina Mackey, Rick Ross

Cristina Mackey confirmed that she and Rick Ross have broken up after six months of romance. The model shared the news hours after the rapper was spotted courtside at a basketball game with a new love interest.

Rick Ross appears to be in full dating mode, sparking assumptions that he and Mackey are no longer an item. Over the weekend, he was seen partying at the club with a mystery woman, and again on Monday night, the rapper appeared at a basketball with a young mystery woman. The photo of Rick Ross and the woman went viral, with many asking about him and Mackey.

Hours later, she confirmed that she and Ross were no longer together and had broken up after dating for about six months. She referred to the relationship as a “situation” and said there was a “clean break.”

“I’ve never experienced “getting left,” I’m just not docile. I don’t feel played; the sales on Mackeybody.com are thriving and I’m grateful. The situation was beautiful,
and I meant every word during our amazing six-month run,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

She added, “If others are upset about my joy/pride in the moment, that’s their stress to bear. We had a clean break two weeks ago, and I never pretended to be the last. I embrace both positive and negative traction with love. And no, I won’t be appearing on anyone’s podcast.”

Cristina Mackey Threads

Mackey caused quite a stir after debuting her relationship with Rick Ross in December. In an interview, she seemingly claimed that her relationship with Rick Ross was different than what he had with his past alleged girlfriend, Pretty Vee. She and his baby’s mother, Tia Kemp, also traded words after the latter mocked her cooking skills.

After the breakup announcement, Kemp couldn’t help herself as she mocked Mackey’s sadness.

“So stupid setting in the gym with your Betty Boop curl right there hiding that big hydrocephalus wate…. I try not to hurt anybody when they are already in pain, but I don’t care. I’m a sadist, I guess; it rubbed off of me from Big Daddy. Listen to me you dusty crusty tweety bird, you look so sad and stupid right now sitting in that gym trying to pump all that weight or whatever you doing to get all that pressure off you,” Kemp said on Instagram Live.

She added, “Aww, girl, go home and relax. You need to go rest. We want to see you in a bed with a headboard. Where’s your apartment? Do she have a condo or anything?”

In the meantime, many laughed at the breakup announcement. Among those who reacted was Shenseea, who shares a close friendship with Pretty Vee.