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Rick Ross Spotted At NBA Game With Mystery Woman After Cristina Mackey Breakup

Rick Ross might've already moved on from Cristina Mackey a week after rumored split

Rick Ross
Rick Ross

Rick Ross moves fast. Days after his rumored breakup with Cristina Mackey, the ‘Big Belly Rude Boy’ was spotted with a beautiful mystery woman by his side at the Miami Heat game. Rozay has not reacted publicly to the chatters as rumors fly that he put Mackey on ice for unknown reasons.

Cristina Mackey first raised questions recently when she suddenly removed all photos and videos with Rick Ross from her Instagram profile. But the chatters really gained traction after Mackey went on IG Live to chat with her fans but ended the stream as soon as a Rick Ross song started playing inside the gym she was working out at. These actions have undoubtedly left fans speculating about the current status of her relationship with the rap mogul.

The MMG rapper/entrepreneur seems to be handling the breakup well and might have already found himself a new lady companion. The identity of this mystery woman, who was seen with Ross, remains unknown, adding a layer of intrigue to the drama with Mackey. Social media detectives are on the case, and it’s only a matter of time before her identity is revealed. However, it’s also possible that the two attended the game separately or are just friends. Yet, as a seasoned A-list celebrity, Rick Ross rarely does anything without considering the potential media attention it could generate. Perhaps this is his response to the breakup rumors.

Meanwhile, fans are not staying silent about the situation. They are actively discussing and reacting to the clip of Rozay sitting comfortably courtside as the Miami Heat players warm up for their game. This mixed yet active engagement from fans shows how much of a deep connection and interest they have in Rick Ross’s love life.

“Done payed for that lady teeth, hyped up her Hamburger Helper, just to embarrass her 7 to 10 business days later. Diabolical work,” one fan wrote. Another added, “Yall in here talking about Christina are miserable and unloved. This is disrespectful I don’t care. That man said out of his own mouth he was in love but literally have another woman in your face in less than a week after a breakup is beyond disrespectful I don’t why yall highlighting another persons pain because she was in love. The girl moved stated for this man and yall just in here praising her pain. Smh Gies to show what she was saying before she met him was men ain’t shhhh was the truth. I hope someone does this to yall when you I love since u enjoying her hurt.”