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Kodak Black Throw Rocks & Threatened Reporter After Release From Jail

Kodak Black was released from jail and immediately sparks controversy

Kodak Black
Kodak Black

Kodak Black is being accused of getting “aggressive” with and throwing rocks at journalists from ABC 10 News in Florida minutes after he was released from jail.

On Wednesday, Kodak’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, revealed that all charges against Kodak for cocaine possession were dropped, and the rapper was likely to be released in the evening. Kodak, whose real name is Bill Kapri, has been in jail since December 7th after he was found sleeping behind the wheel in Plantation, Florida, and reportedly under the influence of cocaine.

The arresting officer also claimed that Kodak tried to destroy evidence of the drugs after a cop approached him. However, his lawyer revealed that the rapper had prescription oxycodone on him and that the lab tests affirmed the same. Kodak was still booked and sent to jail despite the tests.

After his release on Wednesday, Kodak was in. no mood to be filmed while leaving jail. A video showed when the rapper was released and stood outside the Broward jail. Reporter Rosh Lowe also claimed that he approached the rapper while standing outside the jail.

“Not only did he get aggressive with my photographer, Bryan Murphy, but he actually started throwing rocks at this photographer doing his job. Kodak Black started throwing rocks,” Lowe said.

Lowe also revealed a video where he is heard telling Kodak, “Don’t throw anything at our camera,” in the background, Kodak is seen bending and swinging as if throwing anything.

Lowe also claimed that Kodak threatened to punch him multiple times.

However, the video also shared by Lowe shows the rapper standing outside and appearing on his phone when unknown people approach him. The rapper is seen waving his hands as if waving them off, but a man continues to speak to and come to the rapper despite his apparent disagreement.

Meanwhile, Kodak’s lawyer also explained that his federal probation case was terminated.

“Federal Probation terminated with time served. In the Southern District of Florida Judge Maritnez dismissed all substantive counts and Kodak plead to sole violation of failure to report police contact,” he wrote on Instagram.

Cohen also revealed that the rapper was making donations to the children of a Minnesota officer killed recently.

“In typically Kodak fashion, he just pledged to donate to the college fund of a 2-year-old and a 5 month old. Whose father was a Minnesota officer killed recently in the line of duty. Expecting his 2nd son this Friday, he knows how important family is and hopes it helps relieve some burden,” Cohen.