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Drake Broke The Internet After Intimate Video Leaked, Adam22 Reacts

Drake leaked video hit the internet sending fans into a frenzy

Drake / @champagnepapi

In case you see Drake trending all over social media, we can save you the hassle of trying to figure out why because it’s not related to his music or his recent pettiness towards his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Perhaps for the first time ever, a Drake private video was leaked online, and the clip is making the rounds on X. The video features only the “Fear Of Heights” rapper in his bed in his birthday suit while on his phone, seemingly pleasuring himself. It’s unclear if he was on the phone with a female or just watching a video.

The video stunned fans, who had varied but strong reactions after seeing the short clip. Some female fans pointed out the size of his package, which prompted Adam22 to respond, saying, “I will never lead you astray.”

Meanwhile, it appears Drake may be winning over some fans who were on the fence about him being corny. “I am a full on team Drake after seeing that video I am on my way to his mansion in Toronto right now even through feet of snow I will be there Aubrey long ting Aubrey,” one female fan wrote.

One male fan said he wished he could unsee the video and scold others for not warning him to about the Drake timeline.

“I wish there was a warning to let me know to proceed with caution man I thought Drake was trending for new music only to be fully blinded by that video man y’all need help and who even leaked this this we need to find them and have a conversation,” he said.

Adam22 previously spoke about seeing Drake’s package after a female friend showed him a photo of it, and at the time, a lot of folks thought he was exaggerating. Apparently, he is also taking credit for being the first blogger to share that news.

“You know what’s crazy?” the No Jumper host said. “The other day I was around this girl and she just showed me Drake’s d*** on her phone. Somehow this just randomly came up and she’s just showing me. I’m not believing it, and she could tell I’m not believing it. I’m like, ‘Yeah, aiight.'”

“She goes right back to her f***ing text messages, scrolls through the rest of it, shows me a bunch of other selfies and photos of him that I’ve never seen before. And I’m just like, ‘What the f***?'”

Adam22 added that the female went to lengths to prove the photo was Drake until he ended up believing her.

Fans’ reactions to Drake leaked video