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Rick Ross Questions If Donald Trump Supporters Are ‘Delusional’

Rick Ross "I just don’t want nobody to be a delusional"

Rick Ross
Rick Ross

Rick Ross shares his two cents on black supporters of Donald Trump’s presidency. The Biggest Bawse dropped another one of his hot takes on social and political topics, and this time, he might have ticked off some supporters of the Trump presidency.

In a new video making the rounds, Rick Ross asked his supporters if they really felt like they were doing better under a Trump presidency and asked why they felt like he gave them more money. Rozay did make it clear that he supports people’s choice in voting for whoever they want to vote for, but seems to be at a loss as to why they say they want Trump to be back in office.

“Let’s make it clear, you vote for who you wanna vote for, it’s fine with me, but one of my homies, he was just like, ‘I can’t wait ’til Trump get back in here,” Ross began while relaying that he had the conversation with one of the friends moments before. “He had a n***a eatin’.’ And I just don’t want nobody to be a delusional. You can’t be a delusional n***a. Did he have you eating or was it a nationwide, worldwide pandemic and you n***as stole the money?”

Rick Ross was speaking on the PPP loans issued by the federal government during the pandemic, where businesses and entrepreneurs received money. But the rap mogul pointed out riff corruption during the initiative that saw some people doing prison time for fraud.

The hip hop community, particularly rappers, has been divided on Trump’s presidency, with some rappers like Snoop Dogg, Kodak Black, and Waka Flocka Flame supporting Trump and others like Rick Ross hesitant to support the former president.

Donald Trump may also score some points following his pardon of Lil Wayne and Kodak Black, although the Florida rapper is again back behind bars for violating his probation. Last year, Kodak said he not only wants Trump re-elected president in 2024 but wants him to be president forever.

“We need Trump in office forever, man,” Kodak said. “Just like how them Chinese and Russian and Korean muthafuckas they have their president. Trump the best thing for America — ya heard me — for sure. I respect that boy logic, setup and whole rundown even if he didn’t free me.”