Rvssian Shares Inspiration Behind His ‘Dutty Money Riddim’

Rvssian currently has the hottest riddim in dancehall 'Dutty Money Riddim' and here he shared what inspired the name


Dancehall super producer Rvssian is detailing the inspiration behind the artwork for his latest project.

The media has been buzzing about Rvssian’s latest release, which the producer has dubbed Dutty Money Riddim. The beat, which is a derivative of the iconic “Go Go Club Riddim” from 2009, has been making the rounds online ever since its release in December 2023. On the commercial version available on Apple Music, various modern dancehall artists have seen single releases.

Namely, Najeeriii, the first to grace the instrumental with his track titled “Phat Phat,” then Malie Don and The 9ine soon followed suit with their collaboration “Muss Shot.” Subsequently, dancehall sensation Rajah Wild had quite an entrance with “Gogo,” which is arguably the biggest song on the project so far. Later, Valiant and Kraff Gad dropped their tracks “Bubble Gum” and “Nursery Rhymes” respectively.

The media frenzy surrounding the project is still ongoing, and following a recent interview on the Let’s Be Honest Podcast with Jaii Frais, Rvssian has appeared to step on a few toes as his candid answers seemingly spurred some beef with various industry players. Amid that fiasco, the renowned dancehall music producer is pointing the attention back to the project by detailing the creative thought process that went into the title and album cover.

In a short video posted to his social media, he revealed that he termed the project “Dutty Money Riddim” because of the connotation that usually follows the concept. Though based in the US, Rvssian also proved to be quite in-tuned with current affairs in Jamaica, sharing that the album cover was inspired by the unfortunate series of heists that plagued a popular ATM Management company in Jamaica responsible for transporting cash to and from financial institutions.

“So hear wah gwan – people nuh realize seh yo the Dutty Money Riddim, mi get the name because mi feel like dutty money always come wid a likkle certain energy you know. And the truck pon di cover is actually the Beryllium truck wah dem a rob, rob, rob a Jamaica,” Rvssian revealed in the short clip.

Before this revelation, fans could have easily failed to connect the dots and overlooked the relevance and creativity behind the album title and cover. However, it is fair to say that they are certainly experiencing some gratifying light bulb moments now that the producer has spelled it out.

Dutty Money Riddim further sports features from Govana, Jada Kingdom, Vybz Kartel, Sean Paul, Topmann, Bayka, Brysco, Nigy Boy, and more.