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Papoose Responds To Remy Ma Seemingly Shading Him In Mary J. Blige ‘Gone Forever’

Papoose responds to fans speculations that Remy ma is shading him in her verse on Mary J. Blige's "Gone Forever"

Papoose Remy Ma
Papoose and Remy Ma

New York rapper Papoose is denying that that Remy Ma’s verse on Mary J. Blige’s “Gone Forever” featuring Remy Ma and DJ Khaled is directed at him.

The song, which went viral this week, features on Blige’s Good Morning Gorgeous Deluxe album. It was Remy’s verse in the song that had tongues wagging as she spoke about being independent and seemed to express her feelings regarding a hopeless relationship.

The lyrics came under scrutiny because there are rumors that Remy Ma and Papoose broke up, and she is now dating Drill rapper Eazy The Block Captain. The two were spotted several this year and appeared to be on dates in at least two instances.

However, neither Papoose nor Remy Ma has addressed the speculations that they broke up after nearly two decades of marriage. The two celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary last year and have two children together.

Late last month, her rumored lover Eazy seemed to express frustration at Papoose’s refusal to address the situation as he also confirmed that he and Remy were together in a leaked voice note leading to speculations that he and Remy were sexually involved.

“You corny as sh*t, bro. he corny. I feel like he deserves some pressure, too. I feel like tagging the n**a ‘yo Pap since real n***as do real things, tag Papoose –‘yo are you going to clear this allegation up or do you want me to’?” Eazy is heard saying.

Despite the rumors, Papoose has remained silent except for denying that Remy is shading him in her latest track.

In her verse, Remy Ma raps about finding a new man because she was down with getting disrespected.

“You did me wrong when a good girl gone she gone forever. When a real b*tch leave you gone wish you never met her and I’m a real b*tch don’t make um no more/ before I share my bed I sleep on floors/ I told you I’m a wife I can’t be your wh*re/ we different prices I don’t go for what she go for/ please keep your keys I’m changing all the locks, bout to find a new n***a and give him all this box/ you trying to bring me down, I’ll give him all this top,” she rapped.

On Instagram Stories, Papoose said the song was recorded in 2022, and he was the vocal engineer.

Papoose IG

“This song is old. It was released in 2022. As you can see I was the engineer,” he said, adding, “When a true artist does a feature. They write to the concept of the song. Peace.”