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What’s Under Young Thug’s Shirt? Courtroom Clip Sparks Debate

Young Thug sparks debate with an unusual item under his clothing in court as his trial resumes

Young Thug
Young Thug in court January 3, 2024 / YouTube

Young Thug’s latest appearance in court sparks debate.

The YSL racketeering trial resumed on January 2 after a two-week delay following the stabbing of a defendant. Shannon Stillwell was reportedly hospitalized after being stabbed in jail. Police have not disclosed details about the incident, but the defendant’s injury was not life-threatening, reports this week suggested.

This week, as the trial resumed at the Fulton County Superior Court, people could get a good look at the rapper, who appeared healthy. He smiled often at the camera while talking to his lawyer.

However, his fans raised questions about an object under his shirt. The rectangle object is connected to a cord under the table where Thug sat. Although many have speculated that it could be a heating pad, no one has been able to confirm what the object or device is.

While speaking to his lawyer, Brian Steel, Young Thug uses his hand to move the object by pushing it up closer to his chest. The thing pressed against the shirt gives a long, square impression. At first, some fans speculated that he might be wearing a bulletproof jacket, but others speculated that it was connected to a white wire, which could be a medical device.

A Law & Crime Network executive producer, Cathy Russon, shared a video of Thug adjusting the object.

“What is under # YoungThug’s sweater??” Russon tweeted. “I’ve never seen anything like this on a defendant. It’s not a shock device. There is a white cord hanging below. You think it’s a heating pad? Strange,” she wrote.

Given the chilly weather in Atlanta this week, it’s unclear if the rapper is suffering from a medical condition or whether it is to warm him up. Nevertheless, some fans theorize it might be a device for some unknown health reason.

In the meantime, as the trial gets underway, the state called Young Thug affiliate Trontavious’ YSL Slug’ Stephens to the stand. Stephens had taken an Alford Plea deal from the state in exchange to avoid jail.

Last December, Stephens pleaded guilty to racketeering and received a sentence of 10 years, two (2) for time served and the remainder on probation.

Stephens has to testify in the trial as part of the deal but can’t invoke his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. While addressing the court, Stephens said he was a founding member of YSL and confirmed he robbed a woman for the gang. He also helped prosecutors decipher a text sent from Thug urging that they were too “soft” while committing another crime.