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Koda Black Admits To Substance Abuse and Is Committed To Getting Help

Kodak Black says he spent $350K to get help with substance abuse

Kodak Black

Kodak Black has admitted to using drugs following his arrest for allegedly having cocaine in his possession and attempting to swallow.

The Pompano Beach rapper has since addressed the arrest on his Instagram Live, where he admitted to using Meth and Percocet but said he never used cocaine. “I was on lean,” Yak said. “I was asleep in front of my family house, that’s it.”

Kodak Black told his fans that he is working on getting better and shared that he paid $350,000 to get better. His attorney, Bradford Cohen, released a lengthy statement saying the rapper is a victim of a corrupt justice system prosecuting users as drug traffickers. The attorney also said that the rapper is committed to getting better.

“@kodakblack has doubled down on getting better with assistance from many people and was signed up for immersion rehabilitation for his dependency,” Cohen wrote. “Hopefully, he will be able to cont with the help he needs. The system penalizes users with charges of trafficking with no indicia (sic) of trafficking. That isn’t what the legislature intended.”

Kodak Black pleaded not guilty

Kodak Black has pleaded not guilty to 3rd-degree felony of possession of cocaine, tampering With or fabricating evidence, and improper stop/stand/park stemming from his December 7 arrest.

The rapper, whose real name is Bill Kapri, is being represented by his longtime counsel, Bradford Cohen, from the law firm Cohen and McMullen, P.A. The attorneys filed a Notice of Appearance as counsel on December 8. The filing also revealed that the rapper is entering a plea of not guilty on all the charges, and he is demanding a jury trial.

In the meantime, Cohen told reporter Bryson ‘Boom’ Paul that the defense would be filing a motion to suppress the stop next week.

Kodak has been reportedly released on a $5k bond on December 7. The conditions of the bond are random drug testing and mandatory substance abuse evaluations. This comes after attempts by the prosecution to have the court revoke Kodak’s previous bond stemming from his July 15, 2022, arrest for oxycodone.

Prosecutor Jonathan Goodman, in a motion, said that the rapper’s bond should be revoked “to protect the community from further criminal activity of said Defendant, to immediately revoke the bond previously set and order the incarceration, with no bond.”

In the meantime, the police are alleging that on December 7, Kodak was observed sleeping in a black Bentley, which was parked in the roadway in the 600 block of NW 47 Terrace (Park East Park).

The vehicle’s taillights were on, but the car was not moving. The arresting officer said the vehicle was in a position that blocked the roadway and risked accidents with oncoming traffic for those who had to drive around it.

The police also said that on approaching Kodak, he attempted to discard cocaine on the ground. He was also found with a small bag of cocaine weighing 4.1 grams.