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Cam’ron Explains Why He Went Nuclear On Melyssa Ford

Cam'ron went off on Melyssa Ford for her comments on The Joe Budden Podcast, she apologize

Camron Melissa
Cam’ron, Melyssa Ford

Melyssa Ford, a co-host on The Joe Budden Podcast, is being blasted by rapper Cam’Ron after she claimed that there was a “possibility” that Ma$e and Cam’Ron had sex with underaged girls.

The #MeToo movement has flooded the hip hop community following the sexual lawsuits brought against Diddy, Bad Boy Entertainment ex-president Harve Pierre, and others. It appears that many might be shivering in their boots as the practices of the past are now scrutinized. Entertainers of the bygone 90s and early 2000s eras now come under the microscope for their activities involving women.

Diddy’s sexual assault lawsuit threatens to cripple him finally and destroy his legacy as a label owner. The gruesome detail has led to many directing contempt at him, as even the male artists of the generation talk about his strange sexual proclivities.

It seems that Ford tried to draw Ma$e and Cam’Ron into the current churning waters as she suggested that she knew of a story where there were possibly underaged girls both men were involved with.

“In coming forward and talking about the fact that that is not exactly the way I remember that story,” she begins before Budden says, “I don’t think that’s right, them n***as went to a whorehouse and took somebody up out of there.”

Ford adds, “Says them, and, is there a distinct possibility that there may have been underaged girls in that whorehouse?” leading to the hosts on the podcast disagreeing with her.

Ma$e was a former Bad Boy Entertainment artist before he and Diddy fell out, and his childhood friend Cam’Ron seems to be close to Diddy since he was the one who helped Ma$e to get his publishing back from Diddy after they fell out bitterly for years.

However, Cam’Ron called out Ford on Instagram and claimed that she was upset that he rejected her from taking a photo with him recently.

“I told the b*tch “Don’t touch me when we took this pic. F**k you and ya apology!! Stay and stand on business!! We just busy at the moment, we’ll get to you soon,” he wrote on Instagram with the kissy face emoji.

He continued, “and nothing violent!! Before you accuse us of more sh*t that’s inaccurate.”

It seems that Ford’s comments were based on what she saw of the men in a show and not based on any real evidence. Cam’Ron has threatened to sue her.