Jahshii Counts His Blessings After Car Crash

Jahshii shares he was involved in a car accident

Jahshii / PR

Jahshii was involved in a car accident on Friday, but the artiste appears to be in good health as he updated fans on Saturday.

The dancehall artist’s misfortunes are many, but his life is once again spared following what looked like a possibly devastating incident. On Instagram, Jahshii revealed that the car he was traveling in got into an accident. In his story, he showed the mangled car with the front damaged. The accident also looked like it happened on Hope Road, as the vehicle was partially on the pedestrian walkway.

“Keep your hands on me, lord,” he captioned the video with the praying hands emoji and the hashtag #Surviva. The timestamp on the video also said it was 1:39 pm. Details of the incident were not available, and it’s unclear if Jahshii was alone or traveling with others.

Nevertheless, the artiste updated his Instagram story on Friday night to show that he was all dressed up and at an event, and he appeared well. The incident comes amid the artiste’s recent hospitalization for unknown reasons.

More than a week ago, Jahshii shared a few intimate photos with fans showing tubes connected to his chest and hand. The artiste did not reveal whether he was suffering from any ailment. However, fans shared concern for his well-being.

Jahshii’s life appeared to turn topsy turvy this year after he was named as a suspect by the Jamaica Constabulary Force for questioning regarding a murder in Grants Pen, St. Andrew, where he was born and raised.

The artiste has denied any involvement, noting in an interview last week that he is only blamed because of his success and being one of the few persons to escape the clutches of crime and poverty that plague the area. Unconfirmed reports alleged that Jahshii argued with a man who was later murdered. That man was said to be a local gang leader, and Jahshii and his crew were attacked after leaving his birthday party in July after gunmen opened fire on the vehicle they were traveling in.

Jahshii was questioned and released by the police, but there are reports that he is still being targeted by criminal elements vowing revenge.