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T.I. and His Son King Gets Into Fight At Falcons Game On IG Live

T.I.'s son King Harris gets into it with his parents at Sunday's Falcons game in Atlanta

T.I. King Harris
T.I., King Harris

Atlanta rapper T.I. has a problem child on his hand as he put his hands on his son, King, at a Falcons game on Sunday after he bucked his mother, Tiny Harris.

King is no stranger to controversy, as he’s been seen on video getting into trouble, but his father has always defended him as someone who has to grow up. However, King’s behavior manifested to the displeasure of T.I. on Sunday, leading to the rapper choking him.

King was live-streaming himself arguing with another man while other family members tried to hold him back. “You capping. I know you, you capping,” King is heard shouting to a man.

However, it seems that his mother stepped in to stop him telling him “shut the f*** up” and trying to de-escalate the situation. “What’s wrong with y’all? Why is y’all doing that to me? Y’all know me. You know I stand on business, why are you even letting somebody play me like that,” King is heard arguing.

It appears that his mother, who is wearing a red and white sweater, came up to him to hold him back, but King was seen pushing Tiny Harris off and away from him, causing T.I. to step in.

“You are embarrassing yourself and this family n**ga,” T.I. is heard saying. The camera is blurred as his father seemingly grabs by the neck causing him to scream out, “stop, get off me, get off me n***a,” as he and T.I. tussle on the ground.

“Boy you can’t do nothing with me, sh*t you can do with me,” T.I. said.

The embarrassing incident also took place on a big day for T.I., who was named among a series of Atlanta rappers being honored by the Atlanta Falcons. The artists who were honored included Goodie Mob, Killer Mike, Kilo Ali, and Crime Mob for a pregame concert at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The show was part of the Falcon’s efforts to celebrate Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary. T.I. has not commented on the incident. In a follow-up post, King defended his actions. “I stand on business don’t give a f*** who you are,” he wrote in all caps on Instagram. “I dgaf who u are mf can’t play wit me n my face not goin for da im a grown a$$ man now,” he added.

“If ima mistake say dat stop making da world think u fw me when you DONT,” he continued.