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Rod Wave Denies He Stole Jay-Z and Drake Bars Amid Boosie Fallout

Rod Wave says he might stop releasing new music after being accused of stealing verses from Jay-Z, Drake, Boosie and other rappers

Drake Rod Wave
Drake, Rod Wave

Rod Wave is getting dragged by fans online as they claim that he has been stealing lyrics from other rappers, including Drake and Jay-Z, but the artist claims that he’s never stolen any lyrics.

Rod Wave is under fire for remaking Boosie Badazz’s 2010 song “Long Journey,” released on his latest album, Nostalgia. The song copies Boosie’s beats and also the lyrics word for word. Boosie later blasted Rod Wave as he said he was coming for his check and planned to file a lawsuit.

The allegation by Boosie Badazz opened a can of worms as fans online blasted him for allegedly habitually stealing other artists’ music in the past.

“Imma be honest… I love Rod Wave.. but almost every song he stole lyrics.. Drake, H.E.R, Jay Z, Maroon 5… literally everybody lol I thought he was clearing these samples though,” one person said on Twitter.

Rod Wave is accused of stealing Tupac’s song lyrics from “Picture Me Rollin” and using them in his song “Ribbon In The Sky” as well as “Ratha Be Ya N***a” in his song “I Get Around,” Pac’s song “Changes” in his song “Fly,” copying wholesale Jay-Z’s lyrics from “Song Cry” in his track “2019”, copying Drake’s verses in Drake “Over My Dead Body” for his “Freestyle” on the album Pray 4 Love, and many others from artists of various genres.

However, Rod Wave claims that he was inspired by those artists and that he also paid them. In an Instagram Live, he denied that he was stealing the music of other artists.

“It was ok for me to be a fan of n***as and sh*t, it was ok for me to be a f**king teenager listening to this music and supporting their music and f**king with them and now a n****a grown and rapper and a n***a say a couple lines because I f**k with what a n***a said… f**k n***a bringing up all these lyrics like I stole it or some sh*t. you dumb b**ch. If it’s public record, how I the f**k I stole it? I ain’t stole no sh*t…” he said in an Instagram video.

“Anything I ever said in my song or repeated in my song, on my momma they got paid. Ask Fat People, f**king Paramore, Drake gave me the OK … anybody or everything I ever did I got the ok and anybody talking bout they gonna sue, they don’t even own the song…the f**k you talking bout, you looking attention bro,” Rod Wave added.

He continued that Boosie Badazz stole Carl Sims’ lyrics, so it’s unclear if he intends to pay Boosie for the track. Boosie has not filed his claim as yet, but Rod Wave is getting dragged on social media for stealing the intellectual property and creativity of other artists.

“Rod Wave a thief bruh. He done stole everybody lyrics,” one fan said. “Rod Wave didn’t just sample Boosie sh*t, I just listened to it he stole his lyrics too,” another said.