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Chrisean Rock Spent $40,000 On Diamond Pacifier For Her Son

Chrisean Rock says she spent a $40,000 on a diamond encrusted pacifier for her newborn son Chrisean Jr.

Chrisean Rock Jr
Chrisean Jr., Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock says she’s so excited to be a mother that she is ready to bling her son out including a baby pacifier.

The two-month-old might not even know or need a pacifier just yet, but his mother is already splurging to ensure that his comforts and needs are taken care of. In videos posted around midnight on Thursday, Chrisean Rock shared a photo showing the oversized pacifier in the baby’s mouth, and later, she displayed a close-up to show off the details of the piece.

The iced out pacifier appears attached to a plastic nipple, which could be removed at a later time when the child is older, and it also has a chain for him to wear as a fashion piece. “Junior first diamond piece,” she captioned the video on her Instagram account.

Rock posted the video just minutes after Blueface updated his account to show that Jaidyn Alexis had a successful performance earlier on Thursday at the Observatory Orange County in Santa Ana, California.

Blueface was seen hyping up the crowd before he called out Jaidyn to perform her hit song “Barbie” for the very hyped crowd. Blueface also performed his song “Thotiana” right before Jaidyn Alexis came on stage.

In the meantime, Chrisean Rock did not waste time sporting the pacifier as she attended a function on Friday morning. The Baddies reality star told her followers on X that she spent $40,000 on the diamond encrusted chain for her baby.

“I put 40k on my son neck befor he can walk /talk I put 500k in his own bank account,” she wrote. “But that don’t even matter I pray and read the word to him every Day . It’s not what u can give them it’s what you can leave inside them. My child is blessed so we are thankful that this lifestyle my child won’t have to struggle like I did be hungry like I was or neglected and left behind like I was. AMEN THANK YOU JESUS.”

The drama between the parties involved is never-ending with the trio as fans on Friday questioned Blueface about why his green Cookies jacket he was spotted wearing on Thursday during his performance with Jaidyn Alexis.

As of now, it’s unclear if the jacket actually belongs to Blueface, and it’s not a similar one that Rock purchased. Chrisean Rock and Blueface have been quiet in recent days after she revealed in an interview that they were still sleeping together and as recently as when they attended a Halloween Party in Florida hosted by Yung Miami.