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Ray J Responds To Kodak Black’s Disrespectful Rant About Him

Ray J says Kodak Black don't want any fade and insist the Florida rapper need to get help

Ray J Kodak
Ray J, Kodak Black

Ray J says he wants to fight with Kodak Black after the Florida rapper replied to him calling for an urgent intervention to save the “Super Gremlin” rapper.

Ray J expressed concern for Kodak days ago after the rapper appeared on Drink Champs looking disheveled and uneasy, and his appearance also sparked concern as he appeared to lose a lot of weight.

However, Kodak was not pleased with Ray J’s comments and threatened to beat him up. “Ray J, your little a$$ a b**ch, homie. A n****a don’t need no help, pu**y-a$$ b**ch. I’m straight, dumb-a$$ boy. F**k wrong with you, homie? I’ll beat your little a**,” Kodak ranted on Sunday evening.

He also denied that Ray J took him to a Trump event. “You ain’t have nothing to do with that Trump sh*t […] This f**k n***a wanted to go to Mar-a-Lago. You don’t know me. I be hating that pu**y a** sh*t. You a Boosie a$$ n***a. You wanna just go viral when a n****a could just call a n***a or DM a n***a or something?” Kodak said, adding that he didn’t need Ray J to take him to Trump.

Kodak Black
Kodak Black

On Monday night, Ray called on Kodak to go “account to account” with him and said he should “take the fade,” in response to Kodak’s threat to fight him. “Kodak wana show his sh*t, then let’s go account to account then…money for money, bank account to bank account, what your bank account make this year?” Ray J said.

“He know he don’t want no real fade, eh talking about beating me up. Bro, you gon cut it out it and the only reason why this fade would make sense for me. You know why? You a street n**ga, you a rapper, and I’m like let’s take the fade since you said you would beat me up,” he said.

He added that Kodak Black needed to “get back healthy,” noting that he was genuinely concerned about Kodak and meant no harm.

“Like I said, I quick to admit that if a n**ga type some sh*t too fast…Just staying silent but at the end of the day since he went that big though, I didn’t go big though and I just talk to the team and I didn’t really go big, I just stressed concerns about a n**ga I don’t know… the homie Wack and N.O.R.E, all these n**gas my friends…he want that fade he can have it,” Ray J added.

In the comments, fans also reacted to the entire thing between them, with one fan pointing out, “Ray J, you didn’t see that man snort a whole line on live? Better leave cocaine bear alone.”

Another added, “Ray please stop. Kodak really not playing.”

“I get the concern but you was deada$$ wrong. You could’ve called that man,” another said.

In the meantime, rapper 21 Savage also addressed claims by Kodak that he switched up on him after doing his joint album with Drake.

“First of all, what posed’ to switch? What posed’ to change? I ain’t grow up with you n***ga, I don’t know you like that. You rao, I rap I always supported you,” Savage said.