Vershon Exposed Popcaan Voice Note Telling Him About His Mother

Vershon shares a voice note he received from Popcaan in which in Unruly Boss made a crude comment

Popcaan Vershon
Popcaan, Vershon

Vershon and Popcaan are nowhere near to making peace.

The “Inna Real Life” artist shared a voice note he received from Popcaan telling him about his mother. Urban Islandz previously reported that Vershon gave some backstory on why he and Popcaan are no longer friends. The two dancehall artists were once close friends, but fans soon realized that they drifted apart without any signs of any prior bad blood between them.

Nevertheless, in a new interview, Vershon says it was Popcaan’s selfishness why he is no longer a part of the Unruly camp. “Popcaan is a Garrison yout like myself, him enter music and make a man out ah himself but hear the problem with Popcaan now, is a yout weh want fi deh up yasso and everybody else fi deh down yasso,” he said about the Unruly Boss.

Vershon also made it clear that he doesn’t have any ill will towards the St. Thomas deejay and believes he is one of the greats in the music space currently. “This is no styling or no disrespect or me a try fi take nutt’n from no man, you get weh mi a say?” the artiste said.

Popcaan had already issued a clap back with a video of himself at the river washing his hair while his crew looked on. In the caption, he questioned why other people like to call his name while referencing his critics as “parasites.”

On Friday, Vershon shared on his Instagram Story a clip of a voice note Popcaan sent him after he rejected several FaceTime calls. “Yow Vershon go s**k Yuh Mada,” Poppy said while laughing. The “Use To Hungry” singjay wrote, “2Facetime 1missed call and a the best dis yu could a fawud wid! dog yah idlers! Heart ah love sed way.”

Vershon has not addressed the voice note further, but it’s clear that he is not amused by what Popcaan said in the clip, else he would not have shared it for the world to hear. While some fans are urging the two dancehall artists to make peace, after this clip, it’s safe to say that bridge has already burnt.

In the meantime, Popcaan is busy promoting his upcoming Unruly Fest set for December 22, 2023, in St. Thomas. The show is expected to see New York rapper Fivio Foreign taking the stage along with a few local acts, including Najeeriii and Skillibeng.