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Cardi B Blames ‘Bad Moment’ For Her Disturbing Tweets

Cardi B says she was having a bad day when she outburst on Twitter upsetting some of her fans

Cardi B
Cardi B / YouTube

Bronx rapper Cardi B says she did not mean it when she said she wanted to commit suicide on Wednesday morning after a follower criticized her. The rapper left a concerning tweet that had fans stumped- “I just wanna put a bullet in my head,” the rapper said.

While on Instagram Live, Cardi B says she was having a bad day when she said she wanted to die.

“We burst. When I burst, I’m very outspoken. When I’m having one of my bad moments I would literally get here and curse out everybody and f**king be like ‘I want you to die’, I want to die, I don’t give a f**k because that’s what I be feeling in the moment,” the rapper said.

She added that she was overwhelmed and sad after having a good week, but she went home and saw all the things people were saying about her, which caused her to lose it. “I just had one of those moments yesterday…I don’t want to be here mentally…I just needed one of those days where I just let it out,” the rapper added.

Cardi B added that she was in a better space, although she was still down. She added that she went out with her sister Hennessy to clear her head, and she won’t be working on Thursday as she has plans to relax with her friends, which normally cheers her up.

The rapper’s concerning tweet came after a fan tweeted, “Cardi the only Mexican I know that don’t work hard.” She responded, “Hope you and ur mom die.”

Another fan also called her out for constantly telling fans to die – “keep wishing death on people and watch how it come back on you.”

Cardi B, however, did not back down. “Idgaf f**k y’all…y’all can call me Mexican bring me down, hurt my feelings talk sh*t bout everything this is why I don’t release music,” the rapper said.

Cardi B’s statement is only proof that even the best of us will have our bad days. Nevertheless, she recognized the gravity of her statement and move to clarify her stance on mental health.