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Mariah The Scientist Talks To Young Thug In Jail ‘Everyday All Day’

Mariah The Scientist dishes on her relationship with Young Thug, sharing how they met each other and how they communicate with him being behind bars

Young Thug, Mariah The Scientist

Mariah The Scientist says she and Young Thug’s relationship is going fine and that they frequently communicate despite the rapper being on trial for violating Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

Cobb County jail is currently home for the rapper since his arrest in May 2022. The RICO trial alleges that his label, Young Stoner Life, is a gang, and they are responsible for dozens of crimes committed in Fulton County between 2012-2022, including murder, robberies, shootings, and other criminal offenses. The trial is currently in a lengthy jury selection process with no start date in sight just yet.

Despite all of that, Mariah says she and Young Thug communicate often, even speaking throughout the day.

“I was talking to him and telling him that I’m coming here, and he said- we text back and forth and he said ‘happy Sunday brother’,” she said while on the Big Boy TV podcast.

She continued, “We talk everyday all day which I’m really grateful for because a lot of people who are in jail, they don’t get to do that. And it’s expensive too.”

How Young Thug and Mariah the Scientist Met?

Mariah also spoke about how she and Young Thug met, noting that they crossed paths in 2021, and Young Thug immediately told her that he “wanted” her. However, she said it took her about six (6) months to get together with him because she had heard he was in a relationship.

“The first time we met he was like ‘I want you’ and I was like ‘me?’ and he just has a stoic presence… I feel like everybody we were familiar with him being in a long-term relationship so I kinda avoided it because I didn’t want to be that girl. But this is why I always tell my girls, check his credentials when he said he got something going on or don’t got something going on. Time will tell. So, I waited it out a couple of months – 6 months and then we got into a relationship in October,” she said.

At the time, Thug was reportedly in an on-and-off relationship with his fiancée Jerrika Karlae, and she was also his first artiste.

Many were stunned after Young Thug and Mariah popped out months before his arrest. However, the rapper seemed to have made his choice as he signaled on social media that he was in love with Mariah despite being behind bars.

In the meantime, Mariah the Scientist also shared that Thug was in good spirits and is “overall a jovial person” who is “positive” and unbothered.