Usain Bolt Shares Inspiration Behind Motivational Anthem “Unstoppable”

Usain Bolt connects with D-Major on a motivational anthem "Unstoppable

D-Major Usain Bolt
D-Major and Usain Bolt / contributed

Sprint legend and music producer Usain Bolt is forging ahead as he shares that despite the troubles in his life, he will continue to push forward and wants his fans to do the same.

Usain Bolt is currently suing investment firm Stocks & Securities Limited, SSL, for the theft of his U$12 million investment account. The four-time Olympic medalist and world track record-breaker opened the account with the firm in 2012, shortly after his sprint career took off, with him breaking several world records that year and winning gold.

It was a shocker for Jamaicas and very likely Bolt after news broke that he was left with just about U$2,000 as his account was swindled repeatedly over the years, and he was none the wiser as fake statements were given to him.

However, the former Olympian is channeling his energy into music as he says he is focusing on creating music and staying focused despite the happenings around him. The father of three is preparing to release his track “Unstoppable” with artiste Damian Codlin, also known as D-Major.

“Unstoppable for me is just how my mindset is. I tend to be the type of person who works hard. As my motto says, anything is possible don’t think limits. As you can see over the years, I always put out positive music and we won’t stop putting out positive music,” Bolt says in a music vlog.

He continues, “For me, it was important to continue pushing it because it’s a lot going on right now and you need to help to motivate the kids and not just the kids but people in general, let them know that you believe in yourself and push on. If you really want it, you go out there and you work hard and you will get it because I work. And no matter what’s going on in my life I won’t give up no matter how much setbacks.”

The investment firm is currently under temporary management by the Financial Services Commission while an investigation led by Jamaican cyber-crimes and the FBI is being conducted.