10Tik Puts Foot On Popcaan Name On A Melon While Explaining Their Beef

10Tik: "I know a lot of you been wondering why mi buss the melon the other day"

10Tik Popcaan
10Tik, Popcaan

10Tik has cleared the air on why he smashed the watermelon in a viral video allegedly directed at Popcaan.

The Popcaan versus Denyque saga started out juicy, but it is only getting more succulent as the feud rages on. Dancehall artist 10Tik recently entered the chat after he felt slighted by Popcaan, who grabbed the microphone from him in the middle of his performance at a family event. Some have speculated that Popcaan actually seized the mic because of 10Tik’s profanity. However, the incident sparked a conversation online where fans called out Popcaan for disrespecting a fellow dancehall artist.

Seemingly in response, 10Tik later took to social media to share a video of him smashing a watermelon into the ground. While the clip lacked context, fans speculated that the gimmick was intended as a diss to Popcaan, who some fans have come to refer to as “watermelon” amid the theatrics arising from the OVO-signee’s ongoing feud with singer and radio show host Denyque.

10Tik has since come forward in a second video to clear the air and share the reason behind the cryptic video. In the latest clip, the “Roll Deep” deejay props his foot up on a watermelon with the words “Popcaan aka Melon Head” etched in the rind. He explained that the previous video was a statement to say that straight men are still around and that no woman can say he has participated in any of the taboo things that Popcaan was taunted about by Denyque.

“I know a lot of you been wondering why mi buss the melon the other day,” 10Tik began. “We nah no problem wid melon specifically – yuh know we love all a di fruits dem. But mi waan tell some bwoy this: straight man dem still exist and we still f***ing out yah! Cah some p***y cyah come to call mi name and nuh gal cyah call mi name.”

“So when mi buss di melon mi jus a try show unu seh no gal can’t comment, no lady, no woman, no female. Yeah we straight and we still out ya memba dat. A nuh di new in ting. Yeah man di real dawg dem out ya same way, a das why wi buss di melon.”

10Tik vehemently denounced the metaphorical “watermelon eating,” claiming that it’s not to be considered the “new in thing” as he argues that he represents straight men. Many fans and critics were bewildered by the dancehall artist’s initial video but have gained clarity from his subsequent explanation. Others remain none the wiser as it is still unclear to them what 10Tik is attempting to convey.

Even in the midst of confusion, one thing that is abundantly clear is that 10Tik is officially beefing with Popcaan. Fans are eager to see if the Unruly deejay will respond. Stay locked into Urban Islandz for more to come in this melon message melee.