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Drake Forgets His Lyrics At Atlanta Show, Criticized For Long Monologue

Drake performing in Los Angeles 2023 / OVO

Drake is facing backlash for talking too much and not singing enough during his concerts.

While it’s had quite a run so far this summer, Drake’s It’s All A Blur Tour seems to be winding down with a different impression from which it began. In his latest stop in Atlanta, Drake had some fan-critics who did not go easy on the Toronto rapper in their appraisal. According to a posts by TheNeighborhoodTalk, fans are accusing Drake of a number of all-too common atrocities including forgetting his song lyrics.

While it’s not completely inconceivable that a man with hundreds of songs can forget the words to some, it apparently was a theme throughout the show rather than an occasional blunder. Some fans at the Atlanta night 1 concert reportedly groaned when the rapper wanted to do an encore. Moreover, fans say they were eager to get away from Drake’s lengthy monologues and motivational speeches.

One TikToker posted a video of their section at the concert in which Drake can be heard performing a rendition of his song “Legend” which samples “So Anxious” by Ginuwine. In the caption, the concertgoer wrote, “just waiting for Drake to sing one of his songs how he actually recorded them so I can sing along…”

The social media domino effect took its natural course as the conversation soon became “trans-applantic.” Over on X, formerly known as Twitter, fans started a discussion about the matter when one user wrote, “Baby the ladies on tik tok saying drake couldn’t remember the words to half his songs in Atlanta. He tried to give them an encore and she said the crowd groaned.”

Witnesses were brisk and testimonies followed promptly. “He did I was there he said he’s brb and we all left (tearfully crying face emoji),” reported one fan. “I couldn’t sit there for another motivational speech,” another lamented.

One previous concertgoer echoed similar sentiments about his performance in Dallas two weeks ago. “Omg finally. In Dallas he kept stopping for like 10 min monologues. My whole section was muttering. I was really disappointed,” the fan revealed. Drake could very well have a lot of profound nuggets of wisdom to impart on his fans but apparently, not everyone would be willing to hear it.

It’s All A Blur Tour has been an anticipation-building precursor to Drake’s forthcoming studio album. Ahead of the release of the project titled For All the Dogs, the rapper has one more stop in Miami this week before he brings the tour back home to Toronto when his album drops on the 6th of October.

Are fans valid for lamenting their Drake concert woes or are they doing too much?