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Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty Spotted In New York After House Arrest For Offset Threats

Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty spotted unbothered in New York after house arrest sentence in California

Nicki Minaj Kenneth Petty IG
Kenneth Petty & Nicki Minaj | cred: Nicki Minaj

Queens rapper Nicki Minaj is back in her home city of New York, and she and her husband, Kenneth Petty, appear to be in no rush for him to go home to California to begin his home detention.

Kenneth Petty was slapped with a home detention sentence on Thursday after an application was filed before Judge Michael Fitzgerald of the Central District Court by his probation officer following his threats against Cardi B’s husband, Offset.

Petty and his friends were seen on a dark corner in New York sending Offset threats in which he told him, “Stay on that vacation before we planning ya’ funeral p****.”

Petty is a convicted killer, having pleaded guilty to manslaughter before, and a convicted rapist when he was a teenager.

His video rant came after Offset DMed one of his friends named ‘Sturdy’ who was tagging and threatening Cardi B since after the VMAs. In stories, the man tagged Cardi B on IG Stories- “Ask @iamcardib why she mad Big Queens in da building. We just different on this side, real sturdy diehard s—t”, he said while another read, “@iamcardib we ain’t ya average Queens n—z Big Dawg s—t @onlydasturdy. Talkin biut you ain’t flinch you already exposed your hand sound like mfs is nervous.”

Petty did not appear in court, and his lawyer also waived an appearance. It seems that Petty and Minaj are undisturbed as they try their best to convince fans and critics alike that they are fine and having fun in New York.

On her Instagram account, Nicki Minaj shared a video of her and Petty cuddling in their hotel room and another with her younger sister. She also played an original song where she appeared to take shots at Cardi B and Offset while boosting her husband up.

“I can’t be playing with n***s I married a G, I got some n***s that do what I say, if I tell them to shoot they pull off a 3. When b**ches be rapping and laughing and sounding like you trying to me, I’m who you dying to be…I drop a location and all of the killers come out…these n**as be fronting for y’all but they played it back when dem killers is out,” the song said.

Minaj also posted another video where she claimed that she was out “mobbing” as she revealed that her security guards and Petty were with her while at a pharmacy in New York.

Minaj has also teased a Queen Radio show at 4 pm, and fans are expecting that she could address the problems with her husband.

On social media, many dragged Minaj and her husband over the latest drama.

“Embarrassing on so many levels, side note her sister is pretty,” one person said.

“Keep it up. You about to be in 1 corner and he gone be in another one. Whole house gone be in timeout,” one person warned.

“Husband over 40 on house arrest like he’s a young boy and his wife out here acting extremely goofy just for views and likes. Absolutely SAD!” another said.