Tony Matterhorn Exposed By His Wife, Couple Heading For Divorce

"Last year we go take out Mercedes Benz GLE wid my credit. No, everything was good. But this year when you become citizen you hype"

Tony Matterhorn wife
Tony Matterhorn and his wife Shanice Taylor

Dancehall selector Tony Matterhorn’s wife has revealed that he has been unfaithful during their marriage as she called him out for walking out on her and their child after being together for clearly ten years.

Matterhorn, whose real name is Dufton Taylor, got married to Shanice “Bella” Taylor in 2016 and have one child together, who was born in 2019.

However, it’s not all roses and sunshine as Mrs. Taylor took to social media on Monday night to air out her pain and frustration at the way she was allegedly treated by Matterhorn. The woman claims that Matterhorn has been cheating with a woman who refers to herself as Mrs. Taylor on TikTok. The artist reportedly took the woman on vacation to Jamaica, including Dunns River Falls.

Shanice claims that the selector has been cheating on her over the last few years while she completed nursing school, and now they are no longer together.

“How convenient. Why didn’t you walk when you had your 10-year (green card)? You know how much man want a 10-year green card. Look how much man have dem 10-year green card and walk. Yamabella, me a slave fi you,” she said, adding that she was depending on the selector since she was full-time at school.

“I’m a slave to you and you do your f**k sh*t,” she said.

The woman added that she helped the artist get his American citizenship, and he deserted her shortly after.

“Pressure buss pipe. Me put up with enough dolly. Dolly me a talk, bwoy move out and leave me and mi child. Mi a talk. You shoulda leave me without a child…you shoulda leave me with some money me woulda shut up. All of a sudden bwoy and mi nuh deh after you get through and get citizenship. Dirty man,” she said.

Shanice also claims that Matterhorn and his new woman have been disrespecting her on social media.

“He made up his mind to use and abuse me when the benefits done. Last year we go take out Mercedes Benz GLE wid my credit. No, everything was good. But this year when you become citizen you hype. Bwoy deh pan him high horse. You nuh need me,” she added.

Tony Matterhorn has not responded to Shanice, who says she wants nothing but to expose him for what he did to her.

The DJ’s latest post on Instagram shows him taking his son to school. “Doing the school run,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Pree them and don’t even answer these fools after all I’m the G.O.A.T,” he wrote in another post.