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Blueface Praise Chrisean Rock For Dedicating Son To Jesus In Church

"I trust chrisean with my son that's it nobody else shes actually very nurturing an caring good with kids"

Blueface Chrisean
Blueface and Chrisean Rock / Zeus Network

Chrisean Rock gets praised by her baby daddy, Blueface, after making a bold move as she dedicates her son to God on Sunday.

The reality TV star appeared in church on Sunday in Baltimore with her baby, along with supportive family members dressed in all-white as the pastor prayed over the child and dedicated his life to God. Chrisean Rock has not shied away from sharing that she is Christian and that she has a relationship with God.

The “It’s A Vibe” artist’s labor and birth were shared live with the world, and one of the things that stood out was her older sister, who kept praying for her and the baby. During her appearance in church, she was called up by her pastor, Dr. Mike Freeman, who also called up the family. Before laying hands on the baby, Chrisean told the pastor that the baby’s name is Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr.

“Meet Chrisean Michael Malone,” the pastor said, joking before the baby’s mother corrected Dr. Freeman on the child’s real name.

Chrisean was accompanied to church by her sisters, brothers and nieces, and nephews. Blueface, who has yet to meet his son a week after he was born, also received prayers during the church service.

The rapper seemed to approve of the move by Chrisean despite dragging her on Sunday morning and threatening to file for custody of the child because she went to an event and left the baby with a sitter.

“That’s more like it don’t leave his side that’s a Blueface baby hallelujah,” Blueface wrote on Twitter.

He continued, “I trust chrisean with my son that’s it nobody else shes actually very nurturing an caring good with kids no doubt just alil impatient an the baby NEEDS patience can’t just get up an go no more I’m being patient as hell you don’t think I wanna get up an go rn…timing not right,” he added.

He added, “When people do the right thing it’s okay to cheer for them that’s how you get them to continue to do the right thing sheesh y’all mad i said some good lmao.”

“Gotta have the same energy vice versa tho when they make a bad call you gotta boo they ass can’t cheer for bad decisions I rather the baby Ina church full of god fearing faithful people if anything I believe in the same thing.”

Blueface’s about-turn comes just hours before he went live, claiming that Chrisean was neglecting his son because she went to a game for her little brother and left the baby with a sitter.

The artist said he was telling his baby’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis, to get a room ready for the baby. Jaidyn has not spoken on whether she wanted to take care of the especially since she previously offered for Blueface to “give me da 100k day daddy I’ll do the abortion myself,” after Blueface said he wanted Chrisean to get an abortion and he’ll pay $100K for it.