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Yung Bleu Responds To Female Who Exposed Him Cheating On His Wife

Yung Bleu wife says she wants a divorce lawyer after a female exposed him for cheating

Yung Bleu wife
Yung Bleu and his wife Tiemeria

Yung Bleu responds to a female who claimed that he flew her out but had a bad experience. The singer has been a trending topic on social media on Friday after a TikToker named @tenommmm shared a video exposing him for allegedly cheating on his wife.

The drama snowballed into a much bigger problem for Yung Bleu after his wife Tiemeria put him on blast, stating that she is planning to file for divorce. While the singer has not publicly responded to his wife, he did clap back at the female who called him names like “weirdo.”

In a series of posts on her Instagram Story, Tiemeria unleashed on the father of her child and then put lawyers on notice.

“N***a stay tryna fly b**ches out don’t nobody wanna lick on that short a$$ d**k,” Tiemeria wrote. “‘All can have his desperate b**ch a$$ big teeth a$$ that hoe not lying on yo dirty a$$ b**ch. Sissy b**ch … Then got the nerve to put somebody on that 1800’s a$$ plane wings bout to fly off that b**ch I’m embarrassed so now I’m finna embarrass you b**ch.”

Tiemeria added, “I need the best divorce lawyer in Georgia.”

The female on TikTok has not responded to Tiemeria’s posts, but she continues to share new videos telling her side of the story. She stated that Yung Bleu slid in her DM and offered to fly her out with him on his private jet. She claimed that the “Angel Dust” singer paid for her hair done before she hopped on his private jet with him and his crew.

“He told me that he was doing a soundtrack for Power in New York and that he wanted me to come with him,” she said in the video. “He tells me he wants my hair to look [a certain way], so he goes and pays [$500] for my hair.”

She also claimed they hit up a New York Knicks game together, but he suggested that she sit away from him because he doesn’t want the camera picking him up, and then his wife found out. Yung Bleu and Tiemeria got married in 2021 and have a child together. Tenom admitted that after the experience she had with Bleu, she ended up leaving and went and stayed with one of her girlfriends because she felt he was a “weirdo.”

Yung Bleu has since responded, saying that the reason he was behaving “weird” was because the woman had a body odor.

“I let [you] be a tag aking fa the day true. But [you] went back home in [an] Uber with hunger pains ‘cuz you was loud and hygiene wasn’t up to my standards,” he tweeted before deleting the tweet. “Had a lil smell that engulfed the plane. Nails dirty, shoes two sizes too big with a lil dust on ’em, so yea. [You] was a link-up that turned to a sidekick that day ‘cuz I was being respectful and ain’t wanna send you back and hurt ya feelings.”

Yung Bleu says he was being respectful and didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but since she went to social media with the story six months later, he was forced to talk.

Tenom has since responded to the odor allegation, asking him where’s the receipts to prove it and questioning why he kept texting her afterward.