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Plies Jams Out To Britney Spears Classic After Being Blamed For Her Divorce

Plies is being blamed for Britney Spears divorce

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Plies, Britney Spears

Plies became a trending topic after news broke that Britney Spears‘ husband filed for divorce, alleging she cheated on him. The “Shawty” rapper shared a new video of himself jamming to her classic single “Baby One More Time” in his car.

If you’ve been following the Florida rapper on Instagram, then you would’ve already known that he has an intriguing infatuation with Britney Spears sharing videos of herself dancing in her underwear. Earlier this week, the pop icon shared a video of herself dancing on a stripper pole, and that sent Plies over the top. He even likened her to LisaRaye McCoy’s iconic character Diamond from the 1998 classic film Players Club.

“There she go. Wahoo! There she go! Oh ho! That muthaf**ka look like Diamond from ‘The Players Club’! Look!” an overly excited Plies said. “My white diamond! Come on, white diamond! Whoo hoo! Throw that little pw**sy! Throw that little pw**sy, Brit! Brit! You know what I’m waitin’ on, Brit! Brit! Go to pound town, Brit!”

A day after his reaction to the video, news surfaced that Britney Spears and her husband, Sam Asghari, were separated over alleged cheating. He later filed divorce documents asking for spousal support despite them only being married for a little over a year. TMZ reported that the couple has been going through it for months, and Sam has not been sleeping at their marital home for months.

The couple reportedly had a huge fight a week ago over allegations she stepped out on her husband, although there are no further details to substantiate the allegations.

Fans have been blaming Plies for Britney Spears’s marital troubles in light of her divorce. The rapper has not publicly commented on the news, but his fans have been urging him to go get his girl. Some fans say he should bag Britney Spears for the culture, but only time will tell if Plies will do it.

“Plies tripping over Britney was NOWHERE NEAR my bingo card for 2023 but dammit im here for it,” one fan said. Some fans likened him to Usher for destroying happy home following Keke Palmer and her boyfriend Darius Jackson breaking up after Usher serenades her at his Las Vegas concert.