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Usher Drops “Boyfriend” Video With Keke Palmer Amid Her Breakup With Darius Jackson

Keke Palmer link up with Usher in his "Boyfriend" music video

Usher Keke Boyfriend
Usher and Keke Palmer / YouTube

Usher is looking for all the smoke as he sends a message to the upset boyfriends of fans who might be displeased with him for serenading them at his Las Vegas residency and fans think that he and Keke Palmer who appears as the main girl in his new “Boyfriend” video, is shading her now ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Darius Jackson.

Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson appear to have had a major falling out last month after he seemingly disapproved of her outfit at Usher’s Las Vegas residency. The young actress was with friends when Usher turned his attention to her. Being a good sport, Keke was also extra as she leaned into the R&B legend serenading her, something that Jackson disapproved of when he wrote about her dress and that she is a mom.

On Wednesday, Usher released the video for his song “Boyfriend,” where he sang, “Somebody said that your boyfriend’s looking for me, that’s cool.”

Usher does not back down as he continues, “he should know that I am pretty easy to find, just look for me wherever he sees you.”

The song was released amid reports that Palmer’s boyfriend confirmed to PEOPLE that they are broken up. The song, however, goes on to show a scene with Palmer, who is also a singer, in the elevator with her friends as they sing the lyrics to Usher’s song “U Remind Me.”

“I like this song…do you remember where you were when you first heard this [song]?

The two also appear in a dance scene shot in a casino, where they wear matching outfits. Another scene shows Keke waking up the next morning as someone asks her on the phone, “Yow where are you?”

Palmer asks what time it is before exclaiming, “damn I missed the show. I’m so tired. I’m a mother, after all,” as she looks straight into the camera and later laughs at the end of the video as she reveals that it was Usher who was calling her.

On Instagram, Usher, 44, announced the single writing in a post, “When fantasies become reality.”

Palmer has not publicly addressed the drama between her and Jackson. He had later defended his tweet as he doubled down on his right to speak on her as a “man of the family.”

On Wednesday, PEOPLE magazine quoted a source confirming that Keke and the aspiring actor had broken up.

“Darius is focused on an acting career and wants to put the drama behind him,” the source adding that the former couple is focused on co-parenting.