Spice Celebrates Having No. 1 Reggae Song In The World After Karlie Redd Claims No. 1 On iTunes

Spice has the No. 1 reggae song in the world while Karlie Redd claims the No. 1 song on iTunes Reggae chart

Karlie Redd and Spice
Karlie Redd and Spice

Spice tipped her hat to her fans in celebration of having the No. 1 reggae song in the world as her Love and Hip Hop Atlanta castmate, Karlie Redd, shed tears after claiming she had the No. 1 reggae song on iTunes chart.

The fallout between Spice and Karlie Redd is deepening, and friends of Spice call out Karlie for being close to Spice to use her. Over the weekend, Karlie announced that she had another iTunes No. 1 song, “Bumper Heavy,” on which she is featured alongside Destra Garcia and Beenie Man, two veteran artists in the soca and dancehall genres.

Karlie Redd, however, credits herself for the song going No 1.

“Tears of joy because I have so many people be trying to hate me,” she began in a video of herself crying. “I work so f**king hard… on Number One on iTunes again, what the hell, I have another f**king hit song, another hit song, stop playing with me. I did it again, oh my gosh, we’re No. 1 on iTunes, we’re on Pandora,” she said.

Karlie added, “They hate on me so bad, they hate my guts so bad… and look what the hate is doing,” she said while screaming.

Karlie Redd is being accused of using Spice to get up in the music industry. While on Instagram Live, Shekinah called out Karlie for pandering to Spice’s fan base.

“Spice is the Dancehall Queen, this is her friend but she is using all Spice folks. Meda was trying to take her No. 1 but Girl stop, yall lying,” Shekinah said as she accused Karlie of buying followers to push up her Instagram profile.

In the meantime, Spice reacted more subtly as she revealed that her latest song, “Jealous,” was No. 1 on the Billboard Reggae Songs chart.

“Besties we still have the #1 Reggae Dancehall song in the world and we just enter the USA iTunes chart,” Spice said.

At the time of posting on Monday, the song was at No. 148 on the US iTunes chart, dropping from the No. 1 spot. However, the song was charting much better on the Reggae Songs chart, and up to Tuesday night, it sat in sixth place.

Spice also revealed that the song was No. 1 across several countries.

“How are we doing this by ourselves? See the power of buying the music Imagine if you all was buying for $1.29 ?…………… If you haven’t supported the real way stop and do so now, let’s show them what we made of….We are still #1 on the Reggae iTunes Charts, and we are currently #1 in Trinidad and Tobago #1 Barbados #1 Bahamas #3 Belgium #2 Dominica and we #5 in the UK Who’s gonna talk about this ?” Spice wrote.

In the meantime, fans chimed in on Karlie’s track success.