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Megan Thee Stallion Says Tory Lanez Deserve Harsh Sentence In Victim Statement

"He lied to anyone that would listen… he not only shot me, he made a mockery of my trauma."

Megan Thee Stallion Tory Lanez
Megan Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez

A victim impact statement from Megan Thee Stallion to sentencing Judge David Herriford is asking that Tory Lanez be sent to jail and given the harshest punishment possible.

It’s the first time Megan is speaking on the trial since Tory Lanez was found guilty of shooting her in December 2022. A hearing for Lanez’s sentencing began on Monday (August 7), with Megan deciding not to show up in court but her victim impact sentence being read out by prosecutor Kathy Ta.

According to the Houston rapper, she could not make it to the sentencing because she struggled to deal with the after-effects of the shooting. The rapper said she didn’t want her absence to be seen as anything more than her preserving her mental well-being and added that since she was shot, she has not “experienced a single day of peace.”

“He lied to anyone that would listen… he not only shot me, he made a mockery of my trauma. He tried to position himself as a victim and set out to destroy my character and my soul.”

Megan Thee Stallion added, “He lied to anyone that would listen and paid bloggers to disseminate false information about the case on social media. He released music videos and songs to damage my character and continue his crusade.”

“At first, he tried to deny the shooting ever happened. Then, he attempted to place the blame on my former best friend. In his tantrum of lies, he’s blamed the system, blamed the press and, as of late, he’s using his childhood trauma to shield himself and avoid culpability… for once, the defendant must be forced to face the full consequences of his heinous actions and face justice.”

She also spoke about the rapper getting a lenient sentence and asked the judge to show Tory Lanez no remorse and that the sentence should be strong enough to send a message that violence against women is not tolerated by the justice system.

In the meantime, Tory’s lawyers have argued that the judge should not consider remorse or Tory Lanez’s lack of remorse as he continues to proclaim his innocence.

However, according to journalist Meghan Cuniff, the judge said that he won’t consider lack of remorse, but he believed that Tory harassed Megan Thee Stallion with his diss track and even his social media posts which provided the platform for his fans to harass Megan.

The judge also spoke on the sentencing memo from Tory’s lawyers, which pointed out that he suffered from childhood trauma and consequent alcoholism and mental illness.

He questioned why one clinician interviewed Lanez by phone and diagnosed him as an alcoholic while another who did another fulsome report did not conclude that he was an alcoholic.

The defense is asking for Tory Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, to be sentenced to three years in prison with probation and a drug treatment program.